MKS Monster 8 V2 Control Board w/8x TMC2209 Drivers – DIY Firmware Included

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Looking for a solid board for your custom printer build or upgrade? This board has TONS of options and support for up to 8 stepper motors for even the most complicated builds. Also included is our custom Unified 2 Firmware for the MKS Monster 8 V2 that supports dual Z motors and even dual extrusion setups!

Compatible addons that work with this board:

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What is included?

  • MKS Monster 8 V2 Board
  • 8x MKS TMC2209 Drivers w/UART Support
  • 8x Large Driver Heatsinks
  • Jumper Pack
  • USB C Data Cable
  • Unified 2 Firmware for the MKS Monster 8 V2
    • +3 Months of firmware updates
  • TH3D Designed Enclosure STLs Included in the Firmware Pack

Recommended LCDs

You must have or purchase a compatible LCD to use the Unified 2 Firmware with this board and be eligible for technical support (if added on). If you are rolling your own firmware or going to modify ours to support another LCD then it doesn’t matter.

Details about how to use the firmware and setup the board are located in our help center here:

Hardware (From MKS Specs)

  • MCU is STM32F407VET6, 168MHz, 512K flash, 192KB RAM
  • Firmware Compatibility – Marlin, Unified 2, Klipper
  • DC12-24V input(2 MP1584EN Output DC12V(For FANs) and DC5V)
  • 4 heaters + 4 temps interface(H-BED,HE0,HE1,HE2; TB, TH0,TH1,TH2)
  • 3 PWM FANs + 3 power output(all power can be select by jumper and select VIN, dc12V, dc5V)
  • 8 axis drivers and 9 motor interface(Driver0,1,2-1,2-2,3,4,5,6,7)
  • EXP1,EXP2 support MKS MINI12864,MKS TS35,LCD12864,LCD2004
    • Unified 2 Firmware supports the 12864 Creality and RepRap style LCDs ONLY.
  • USART(usart1:PA9,PA10) support MKS H43 or for other serial communication
  • 6 endstop support power select(X-,X+,Y-,Y+,Z-,Z+) and 3D TOUCH(PA8) interface
  • 4K eeprom on board(connect to I2C)
  • Built-in CAN transceiver and interface(connect to CAN)
  • Integrated SPI communication microsd card and reserved SPI signal interface
  • Integrated UDISK
  • Integrated virtual USB device
  • Support TMC UART and SPI mode, SENSORLESS_HOMING function(Diag0-5,connect to X-,Y-,Z-,X+,Y+,Z+)
  • Support driver power select(5V or 3.3V)
  • Has TVS power spike protection
  • Support DFU mode set by button(Boot0)

DIY Board Fitment/Installation/Wiring

This is a universal DIY 3D printer board. That means it will work on almost any 3D printer, but you must know what you are doing.

Our technical support does not cover selecting/designing/assisting with 3d models to install this part on your printer. Firmware support is covered with DIY Boards like this one and our DIY firmware is included.

Electrical replacement parts usually will require you to splice wires into your existing ones for the part you are replacing (soldering and heat shrinking wire splices is recommended for proper connection).

Some of our universal electrical parts come with bare wire ends or plugs on them. These ends may or may not directly plug into your 3D printer. If they do not, you will need to splice the wires into the existing ones on your 3D printer.

Additional information

Weight 10 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 1 in
Made In

🇨🇳 China

Warranty Length

6 Months

3 reviews for MKS Monster 8 V2 Control Board w/8x TMC2209 Drivers – DIY Firmware Included

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    Colby Dyk (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this board for the past 5 months with Klipper via Mainsail. I have it installed on my Ender 5 Pro which has been converted to corexy(3DFused kit), dual independent z axis, and the revo hemera. I am using z_tilt with ABL with a cast aluminum bed and I get awesome results. Before this, I had Klipper running on the EZboard V2 which was great. I ended up adding my EZboard V1.2 to the mix, as Klipper makes it really easy to have multiple MCUs. I was preparing for the independent z axis drivers by adding the V1.2. Though that all went fine, I ended basically frying the V2 while messing with some fans(at first I didn’t realize this was the case). After troubleshooting with Tim, he recommend the Monster 8 which matched perfectly for my situation. If your planning on using Klipper for a basic setup, then the V2 will work just fine, but if your trying to do independent stuff like the Voron 2.4 then the Monster 8 is a great option.

  2. Ken R. (verified owner)

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Solid reliable controller. Comes with TH3D Marlin firmware. Can’t go wrong even if you don’t need all 8 steppers. This is my standard board now for all my printers.

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