Creality Maintenance Bundle – For most models

From: $48.20

This bundle has what you need for the upkeep and maintenance of your 3D printer! This bundle is for Creality Ender 2/3/4/5/5 Plus/6, CR-10/CR-10S, and others that use the MK8 style hotend.

Delrin V Slot Wheel - 5mm Bolt Hole (2 Pack)

$4.49 each

In stock

Tough Tube - High Temp, Tight Tolerance PTFE Tubing

1 Quantity = 1 Meter

$8.49 each

In stock

Creality MK8 Hotend Silicone Socks

Fits Ender 2/3/4/5/6 and CR-10/CR-10S Hotends


In stock

Nozzle Maintenance Kit - Cleaning Tools - Tweezers


In stock

Vision Miner Nano Polymer Adhesive - Build Plate Adhesive

Creality MK8 Hotend 0.4mm Nozzles

0.4mm Brass

PTFE Cutter Tool

  • Cut your PTFE cleanly every time
  • Will not compress PTFE tubing