Tough Ultimate Hotend Package

From: $95.86

Want to have options for setting up your hotend? Not sure if you want to go direct drive or bowden?

  • Includes parts for the following setups
    • Bowden Tough Extruder + Tough Hotend Setup
    • Tough Direct Setup with lightweight Pancake Stepper
    • Tough Extruder + Tough Hotend Direct Drive Setup
  • Includes all the FULL products listed below at a discount in the bundle
  • Includes Silicone socks for the Heater Block
  • 12V & 24V 40Watt Heater and 2 Thermistors Included
  • Supported in the Unified Firmware for Easy Setup
  • Full Tough Hotend with Nozzle Kit and PTFE Tubing
  • Select the fan you want (12V or 24V) below.

Tough All-Metal Hotend w/Nozzles


In stock

Tough Direct Heatsink


In stock

Tough Extruder


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Pancake Stepper w/Cable


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Silicone Socks


In stock

Titanium Heatbreak Upgrade

40mm 12V Fan

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40mm 24V Fan

Tough Tube (PTFE)

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3 Pack Thermistors

5015 12V Fan

5015 24V Fan

Add on 50 Watt heater for quicker heat up?

Add on high-flow nozzle upgrade kit?

Add on socks for high-flow upgrade kit?

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