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EZBoard V2 – Production Update – All Tests Passing

We’re proud to announce that the 1st batch of boards that were made are ready to be moved into full scale production. We’ve completed over 200 hours of printing on the retail board version as well as 1000+ hours on the prototype. All firmware is working, thermal testing passed, and load testing passed. We are […]

EZBoard V2.0 Update – Testing, Pricing, Features – 8/17/21

Update on Testing We’ve been working hard on getting our new EZBoard V2.0 finished and ready to sell. Our prototypes have been running well for many months now with no issues. There were a few minor revisions from the prototype boards that were made (adding more status LEDs and some routing changes) so we want […]

Back 2 School Sale, FINAL DAY, CR-10 (multiple models) EZUpgrades T1 Bundle

Today’s discounted bundles are our CR-10 Models EZUpgrades Tier 1 Bundle that includes the following upgrades: One (1) each EZFlex Plate and Magnetic Base. You can choose your surface finish for the EZFlex plate! One (1) EZABL™ Pro kit, including sensor and control box. Choice of one (1) Solid Bed Mount kit One (1) each […]