EZFlex Restock & Ender 6 Plates Update – 7/6/21

Our next shipment of EZFlex plates *should* be here towards the end of the week. The shipment will restock all out of stock sizes and we have added a 290x290mm plate and magnet size for the Ender 6. As with all our EZFlex plates, the surfaces are all pre-installed so you don’t have to worry […]

Comcast Issues – EZFirmware Affected – Fixed

7/6/21 – Comcast line is working again. All services are restored. Our Comcast line is having issues (yes, again) and our EZFirmware site runs off that line. While the line is down the EZFirmware site will not be available. Because our backup 5G line doesn’t provide a public IP address we cannot use it to […]