EZOut Filament Sensor Kit – Installation Information

Getting Started You will need the following to install the kit: The TH3D EZOut V2 Kit If you have the Standard (SKR/MKS/Tornado/CR-10S)/Wanhao D6 a heat gun or hair dryer to install the heat shrink on the adapter PCB after making the connections Tools to open your control box PC To Flash the Firmware Unified 2 […]

How to use Unified 2 Firmware

Intro On each page for your specific printer and board combination you will find directions specific to that machine. Please refer to that page for the directions as they vary depending on the printer and board you are using. You will need to setup VSCode to compile the firmware. Check out our VSCode setup guide. Click […]

Route+ Insurance – How to open a claim

When you purchase a product with Route+ package protection, you will get an email with your Route Order ID and a link to file a claim. Packages with Route+ Package Protection are all handled through the Route+ system. Below are details on how to open a claim with them. If your order is lost, damaged, […]