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Tired of Prints Not Staying Put?

Your printer isn’t meant to be making Italian dishes on the bed. If you’re tired of poor adhesion check out our EZMat.

Our mat sticks everything down and holds tight. Once your bed cools just pop the print off with a scraper and start another print.

Made with genuine 3M tape that will come off clean when it’s time to replace it.

Enjoy Silence and Speed

Tired of listening to your stepper motors?
Do you want smoother movement and higher print speeds?
Have you tried other boards that just don’t work correctly?

Get it ALL with the EZBoard Lite. Our premium control board that just works as advertised. SUPER simple firmware setup with our EZFirmware site that requires NO software on your computer.

EZFlex² - Flexible Print Surface

Say goodbye to prying parts off your bed. With our EZFlex² system you can pop the plate on your bed, print, flex, and print again! You can attach it to your bed with the included bed clips or get the EZFlex Magnetic Base addon to say goodbye to clips!

This system is a huge hit with our customers and much more affordable than the competition.

Level Up your Bed

Stop playing with knobs, shimming your bed, and screaming at your printer. Pickup the best ABL kit on the market!

Why choose TH3D?

Fast, US Shipping

Orders placed before 12PM CST (M-F) ship same day, all other orders ship next day.

Everything ships from the US.

US customer service

All of our customer service people are located in the US.

No outsourcing here.

Quality Products

All our products are selected from the best suppliers on the market.

What you see is what you get.


Passionate about 3D Printing

We are just like you. We love 3D printing and know what it takes to get that perfect print.

Community Driven

We run our own communities, help out in others, and give back to many open source projects.

Some our most popular products

EZABL Pro Bed Leveling Kit

The best ABL kit on the market, designed by TH3D for TH3D.

Every kit is fully tested, backed by a 90 day warranty and our US support team.
One of the fastest and most accurate kits on the market.


Our own 3D Printer Control board for Creality and Sovol printers.

Made with the highest quality parts, strict QC, and backed by our US support team. The best control board for your Creality or Sovol printer on the market and the easiest to use.

Th3D Store

We stock over 150 different products.

We carry replacement parts for the most popular Chinese printers and only the best quality parts that will last considerably longer than the OEM parts.

Click the logo above to check it out!

Have questions? Use the Live Chat in the corner!

Meet Our Team

TH3D was started by a husband and wife in September 2017. Our first product was the EZABL kit and it was a huge hit.

We now stock over 150 different products, employ multiple full time people, multiple part time people, and work on community projects like our Unified Firmware. We also financially support the Marlin Firmware Project and the Octoprint Project every month.

Most of our employees are people from the 3D printing community that are passionate about 3D printing and love what we do here! 

Check out our store

We have all things 3D printing in here. From replacement parts to fix your machine. Our EZABL Bed Leveling kits that include support free of charge. EZMat print surfaces to make sure your prints stick. Tons of other odds and ends to make your 3D printing journey easier.

Have a question? Drop us a line by Contacting Us.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – Updated 4/7/20

4/7/2020 Update: Shipping Times During the beginning of the week (Monday through Tuesday) we are taking about 1-2 days to ship orders due to high order volumes. We are working as quickly as we can and our shipping team is 100% operational. Please allow extra time for...

EZBoard Update – Dual Z Motor Adapters – 1/14/2020

Hey there everyone! This is an update on our EZBoard Lite that we just can't keep in stock lately. TLDR; We will be posting another batch on 1/15/2020 for sale around 12PM CST and the Dual Z Motor Adapter is an optional addon. We have restored the previous waiting...

EZBoard Lite – Why do you use the TMC 2208 Instead of TMC 2209 Drivers?

We get this question a lot and we see a lot of people saying that they don't want the EZBoard because we are not using the latest 2209 drivers from Trinamic. The choice to go with the TMC2208 over the TMC2209 has many reasons that have to do with the machines the...