Prototyping, Upgrades/Parts, & Support

Why choose TH3D?

US Based Support

All our support technicians and customer service people are located in the US.

Quality Products

Every product is inspected and/or tested before it leaves our office. This means you get what you want the first time.

Passionate about 3D Printing

We are just like you. We love 3D printing and know what it takes to get that perfect print.

Community Driven

We run our own communities, help out in others, and give back to many open source projects.

Some our most popular products

EZABL Bed Leveling Kits

Our flagship product, developed right here in the USA.
Built by hand in our office with US and Imported parts.

Every kit is fully tested, backed by a 90 day warranty and our US support team.
One of the most accurate kits on the market.

EZMat Build Sheets

Our own take on build surfaces.

Not satisfied with the thin quality and low end adhesives that leave a mess on the bed we came out with our own solution.

These are great for all major filament types and last a long time.

Th3D Store

We stock over 50 different products.

We carry replacement parts for the most popular Chinese printers and only the best quality parts that will last considerably longer than the OEM parts.

Click the logo above to check it out!

Meet Our Team

TH3D was started by a husband and wife in September 2017. Our first product was the EZABL kit and it was a huge hit.

We now stock over 50 different products, employ 4 full time people, and work on community projects like our Unified Firmware.

Check out our store

We have all things 3D printing in here. From replacement parts to fix your machine. Our EZABL Bed Leveling kits that include support free of charge. EZMat print surfaces to make sure your prints stick. Tons of other odds and ends to make your 3D printing journey easier.

Have a question? Drop us a line by Contacting Us.

Wedding Anniversary Partial Closure – 10/22 through 10/29

If any of you caught our live stream for the TH3D 1 year anniversary we were supposed to be on vacation this week but we had to push it back a week due to issues outside of our control. We have rescheduled it for next week (10/22 through 10/29). We will be taking a...

1 Year Anniversary Live Stream! – Giveaways and Q&A (AMA)

At 8PM CST I will be doing a live Q&A as well as giveaways to celebrate our 1 year anniversary! Read about our 1 year anniversary here: Tune in at the...

Live Stream Tonight! 9PM CST – Chinese 3D Printer QC

Join us at 9PM CST to talk about Chinese 3D printers and their QC issues. #Creality #Geeetech #Tevo #3DPrinting #Maker #LiveStream Watch here:  

New Unified Firmware Update U1.R2.3 – Anniversary Stream Update – New Products Coming!

We just wanted to let everyone know there is a new Unified Firmware update out. This is an incremental update that just addresses some fringe issues with certain machines where their beds have a skew of more than 2mm. The default probe low point was set to 2mm and...

!!!Order Status Update!!! – 10/2/2018

Everyone! We just wanted to let you know we are working as fast as we can to get orders out. With the new EZOut V2 being released we had a higher than normal order load. We should be caught up no later than Thursday. Thank you for your...