5015 High Speed Ball Bearing Fan (24V)


  • High airflow – 4.5CFM
  • Average Noise Level
  • Ball bearings for long life
  • Works with 24V Printers
    • Fits all major 5015 cooler setups like PETSFang and V6 Mounts with 5015

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Product Info

Fan Speed Note – Because these are higher end fans some boards with the stock firmware will make the fan “whine” or not spin up at lower fan speed percentages. If you flash our firmware there is an option called “#define FAN_FIX” that will fix this issue or if you want to solve it with hardware you can place a 32+V 100uf Capacitor across the fan power wires to smooth out the PWM from stock firmware. These fans will work with no issues at 100% speed on all machines and firmware.

Compatible Machines:

  • Tevo Tornado
    • Layer Fan – For use with aftermarket mounts like PETSFang
  • Geeetech A10
    • Layer Fan – For use with aftermarket mounts like PETSFang
  • Ender 3/Ender 3 Pro
    • Layer Fan – For use with aftermarket mounts like PETSFang

Installation Notes:

  • Be sure to check the polarity on the wires you are connecting our fans to. Typically red is positive and black/blue is negative but some of the Chinese printers to not adhere to these standards.
    • There is no list of what machines use what as it can vary from model to model and we have even seen differences in wiring colors used in the same printer models.
  • Our fans use red for positive and black(or blue) for negative. You can verify polarity with a cheap $10 multimeter from Amazon or you local hardware store.
    • If fans are shorted out/killed due to improper wiring this is NOT covered under warranty.

Tech Specs

  • Airflow: 4.5 CFM Minimum
  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Noise: ~45 dBA
  • RPM: 6500
  • Power: 4W max @ 24V
  • Wire leads: 2 wire
    • Positive Lead is RED
    • Negative Lead is BLACK or BLUE
  • Pressure: 0.8 in H2O Minimum
  • Manufacturer Life Rating: 50,000 hours (5+ years)
  • 2 “UY” quick connectors for solder-free installation
    • See picture below for how to use. Use WIDE pliers and apply equal force.
    • Make sure wires are straight and centered in the connector before squeezing.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Depending on model we are currently stocking the fan received may have a difference appearance than the one pictured. Technical specs are the same.


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