This page will serve as a warning to other businesses that are thinking about using TrustPilot. Everything on this page is our own OPINION and you can make your own conclusion. In our opinion, they are using their platform to extort businesses into paying them $250/month MINIMUM for the “privilege” of using their “trust rating” and your own customer reviews.

We’re not the only ones calling these con-artists out. Read the article on Medium about these same issues: How Trustpilot Extorts Businesses | by Ryan Badger | Medium

We will be sharing everything we have so you can see what they do to try and shake down companies as well as protecting other companies that have poor business practices.

This page will likely be updated as they keep trying to threaten us and even have placed a “warning” to consumers (making it seem like we’re lying about being better than our 4.7 rating we already have) on our page all because of some screenshots on our FACEBOOK page of another company who has repeatedly stolen content (guides, pictures, etc) from us to try and steal traffic.

Where to leave a review?

If you want to leave us a review please do it on our google page here:

We also have imported our customer TrustPilot reviews on our own page where you can view them and even leave your own review: TH3D Studio LLC – Reviews

Ongoing Events with TrustPilot

On March 25th 2024 they emailed us complaining about having OUR customer reviews on OUR website. They tried to claim this was not allowed unless you paid them for a plan with is $250 a MONTH minimum. I removed the stuff from the site as I did not know at the time that even in their ToS they state that the reviews are NOT their content but property of the users themselves.

Even the trustpilot ToS states the reviews are not even their property. I guarantee that every one of our customers would have no issue with us displaying any of their reviews on our site.

But this was not enough for them. They were also complaining about the screenshots of the printermods page from when they stole IP from us multiple times now showing that they were covering up the reviews left by people who were pissed at printer mods for stealing our guides, pictures, and more.

They then placed a “warning” trying to make it seem like we are trying to midlead customers into thinking were higher rated than we are when this is NOT the case. This was placed there because of the remaining screenshots on our Facebook page where we were bringing awareness of a competitor that was stealing IP from us for financial gain. They probably will have an issue with this page and images a well.

Our PUBLIC page showing the warning they placed there because we do not pay them $250 a month for one of their plans that “allows” showing images like this. What a joke.

We then edited the screenshots to remove the trustpilot logo and their “stars” from the pages and reuploaded them (see below).

But that was not enough. They then contacted us again on 4/11/2024 threating further action if we did not remove those screenshots from our facebook page. To that we say, SCREW YOU. We are not going to be bullied and have our business interfered with.

At this point in time we are gathering all the information about what has happened and are telling our story. After consulting with a few other legal resources on this we cannot go after them since they are not in the US and the cost would be too high. We will however make sure everyone we interact with when it comes to reviews knows about their horrid business practices.

This needs to stop and this is not OK for a business to be trying to shake down other companies under threat of harming their reputation. This falls under tortious interference with business and we will be pursuing it as such.

If you’re TrustPilot reading this – Go F**k yourself.

To everyone else, I hope you have a wonderful day and hope you never give TrustPilot a dime. If you want to leave us a review please do it on our google page here:

We also have imported our TrustPilot reviews on our own page where you can view them and even leave your own review: TH3D Studio LLC – Reviews


Timothy Hoogland
Owner – TH3D Studio LLC

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