Klipper Rotation Distance Calculator

Rotation distance refers to a parameter used in Klipper stepper motor drivers, which is required to be configured in each stepper configuration section. It determines the distance that an axis moves with one complete revolution of the associated stepper motor. In other words, it represents the linear distance covered by the axis when the motor completes one full rotation.

Configuring the rotation distance accurately is important for precise and accurate movement of the axis. It ensures that the motor moves the axis by the correct amount for each step, allowing for accurate positioning and motion control. The rotation distance is dependent on the physical characteristics of the motor, such as the number of steps per revolution and the pitch of the threaded rod or the pulley diameter, if the motor is driving a linear motion system.

This tool lets you calculate the rotation distance using your existing steps/mm setting from your previous firmware to the new values that Klipper uses. You can read the full official Klipper documentation here: https://www.klipper3d.org/Rotation_Distance.html

This is the formula the calculator uses to get the new value:

rotation_distance = <full_steps_per_rotation> * <microsteps> / <steps_per_mm>