The creation of TH3D

TH3D was officially launched in September 2017 in terms of an actual brand name. The first product that came to market was our EZABL kit in March 2017 and was initially sold under Tim’s old IT website.

The popularity of the product and our support made it that we needed to make the 3D printing products under their own brand name; thus TH3D was born. With the coming of TH3D, Samantha and Tim grew the business in 2018. Samantha is the majority owner of TH3D Studio LLC.

Our Dedicated, US Based Team

TH3D is based out of Hobart, IN. All of our team members are in the US, we do not outsource any of our positions to people outside the US.

We run a hybrid of onsite and remote employees to maximize efficiency and coverage of our customers that are all over the world. We have a dedicated team of people who only handle customer service and technical support requests.

Focus on Quality and Service

Our focus is to get our customers the best products at fair prices. We’re all makers here, and we know how frustrating getting cheap parts from China is and not getting what you wanted the first time.

Everything we carry are parts and products that we use on our in-house machines to make our lives easier. There is enough to worry about in this hobby/industry so let us help simplify your 3D printing life by ensuring you get quality parts and excellent support.

When we design products, we take the time to run them through stress testing and analysis to make sure they work and last. Unlike many vendors in the 3D printing market, we do not use our customers to test our products, we sell products that work and are free of major design flaws.

Community Outreach

We believe in giving back to the community because we would not be here without it. We put out and maintain our Firmware branch that helps users get more out of their machines at no cost to them while making the printers much safer. 

We make honest review videos on our YouTube channel (most are machines we bought ourselves) so that you know if a machine is worth checking out or not and tutorials for the machines. 

Financially we give to the Marlin Project and the OctoPrint Project monthly. In addition to that, we provide the Marlin developers with products when they need them for testing and/or their printers.





Samantha joined the TH3D team full time in early 2018 once things started ramping up. She handles all the legal/finance for the business and customer service related to orders.

Samantha has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting/Finance from Carthage College. She’s worked as an Internal Auditor for Exelon Corp in Chicago as well as a Staff Auditor for Crowe Horwath.

Hobbies Include: Vinyl Cutting, Running, Making Custom T-Shirts, Volunteering, Being an Awesome Cat/Dog Mom, and Putting up with Tim


Tim has been a tinkerer and maker since he was a young age. He’s always been into computers and electronics. He started 3D printing in late 2016 as a hobby and it quickly became one of his main hobbies.

Professionally, Tim has over a decade of Information Technology experience from IT Support, Project Management, and Systems Administration. Tim is also an Eagle Scout (obtained in 2007).

Hobbies Include: 3D Printing, Computers, PC Gaming, Cars, Drones, Volunteering, and Home Automation