TH3D EZBoard V2.0 – For Creality & Sovol Printers

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Where are the specs and details?
We’ll post full details on the board once we have them in hand and ready to ship. We’ve had other companies copy our products before launch in the past so we are keeping things under wraps until we are ready to ship.

Add on 4GB MicroSD Card?

Recommended for flashing firmware. Also great for GCode.

Add on Creality Dual Cable LCD Board?

Required for machines that have Dual Cables LCDs and no EXP3 Header. CR-20 needs the specific CR-20 version.

Add on a filament sensor (1.75mm)?

Detects and pauses a print when your filament runs out so you can add more filament and continue printing. 1 meter cable included.

Need a high quality MiniUSB Cable (3FT)?

Running an aftermarket DC bed?

Add on a MOSFET (up to 25A).

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