Sovol SV01 Pro 12864 LCD Conversion/Upgrade Kit

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This kit replaces the stock LCD to give you more control and features over YOUR printer. The stock Sovol SV01 Pro LCDs and firmware have been very problematic for people and this kit fixes all of that.

Comes with ALL the screws, LCD, Housing, Mounting Block, and Cables needed to install the upgrade. Requires a firmware update that is included with the purchase of this kit. Technical support is included should you need assistance installing the LCD kit.

ABS Mounting Bracket for LCD

Includes bracket and screws

945 in stock

12864 LCD Screen

25 in stock

Sovol SV01 Pro 12864 Mounting Bracket - ABS

100% Designed and Made in the USA with ABS

SV01 Pro 12864 LCD Cable

221 in stock

Unified 2 Firmware for Sovol SV01 Pro

3 Months
Sovol V4X Printers

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