At TH3D Studio, we understand the
importance of a smoothly operating
3D printer for your creative endeavors.

Upgrades, Repairs, and More!

We’ve all been there. You’ve been fighting with your machine to get it to print correctly whether that’s poor 1st layers, poor print quality, or just general problems with your printer. We’re here to diagnose, repair, and advise on how to get that perfect print from your machine.

We have over 8 years of experience working with all brands of 3D printers from entry level home machines to high end commercial printers. Whatever the printer, we can fix it.

PrecisionCare Essentials

Our comprehensive 3D Printer Repair Service at a flat rate of $99 covers essential checks, repairs, and upgrades for most printer issues. Our initial diagnostic fee is $50 and that goes towards the $99 balance.

With TH3D PrecisionCare Essentials, experience hassle-free 3D printing with a focus on precision and reliability. This covers covers labor, and any additional parts needed are priced separately.

Service Inclusions:

  • Extruder Tuning, Replacement, and/or Upgrade: Fine-tuning or upgrading your extruder for enhanced performance.
  • Hotend Tuning, Replacement, and/or Upgrade: Ensuring your hotend operates efficiently and is upgraded if necessary.
  • AC and DC Wiring Inspection: Thorough examination of all wiring for proper termination, with correction of any identified issues (e.g., tinned wire ends).
  • Heater Testing: Comprehensive testing of hotend and bed heaters, with replacement of faulty ones.
  • Thermistor Testing: Rigorous examination of hotend and bed thermistors, replacing any found to be defective.
  • Bearing Check: Inspection of all bearings on the machine to ensure smooth operation.
  • Belt Inspection and Tension Adjustment: Checking and adjusting the tension of all belts for optimal performance.
  • Motion Component Adjustment and Lubrication: Fine-tuning of linear and/or roller motion components, coupled with necessary lubrication.
  • Fan Check and Replacement: Verification of all fans, with replacement of any found to be defective.
  • Control Board Firmware Update: Updating control board firmware to the latest version (if available).

Included Upgrade Labor Installations:

  • Direct Hotend Swaps: Installation of hotends specifically designed for your printer model.
  • Direct Extruder Swaps: Upgrading to extruders tailored for your printer model.
  • Direct Control Board Swaps: Installation of control boards designed for your printer model.
  • Layer Fan Upgrades: Enhancing print quality and part cooling with upgraded layer fans.

PrecisionCare Elite

How to Get Started with PrecisionCare Elite:

  1. Contact Our Experts: Reach out to our dedicated team to schedule a personalized consultation and discuss your specific requirements.
  2. Tailored Service Plan: Based on the consultation, we will provide a customized service plan outlining the proposed upgrades, modifications, and estimated service hours required.
  3. Service Execution: Our skilled technicians will meticulously implement the customizations and upgrades, ensuring a seamless integration with your 3D printer.
  4. Post-Service Support: Up to 2 hours of post printer support included at no cost with Elite services over 10 hours. Elite services under 10 hours can add on additional support after Elite service is done.

Choose TH3D PrecisionCare Elite for an unparalleled level of service, precision, and customization. Experience 3D printing at its finest with a service that goes beyond the ordinary.

Welcome to TH3D PrecisionCare Elite, our premium custom service designed for enthusiasts and professionals seeking the highest level of care and customization for their 3D printers. Priced at a competitive rate of $50/hr, PrecisionCare Elite offers a bespoke solution for those with unique requirements and a desire for top-tier service.

Key Features of PrecisionCare Elite:

  • Personalized Consultation: A dedicated expert will conduct a thorough consultation to understand your specific needs, goals, and preferences.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting: In-depth analysis and diagnosis of intricate issues to identify root causes and implement effective solutions.
  • Customized Upgrades: Tailored recommendations and installations of advanced upgrades to optimize your 3D printer’s performance, speed, and capabilities.
  • Specialized Calibration: Fine-tuning of printer settings and parameters to achieve precision and accuracy in your prints.
  • Exclusive Firmware Customization: Personalized control board firmware modifications to meet your exact specifications and requirements.
  • Material Compatibility Enhancement: Guidance on optimizing your printer for specific materials, ensuring seamless printing with a wide range of filaments.
  • Priority Support: Access to expedited customer support channels for prompt assistance and resolution of any issues.
  • Extended Service Hours: Enjoy the flexibility of extended service hours, accommodating your schedule for a convenient and personalized experience.
  • Advanced Training and Guidance: Receive expert guidance on advanced printing techniques, troubleshooting strategies, and maintenance practices to enhance your 3D printing skills.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Comprehensive documentation of all customizations, upgrades, and adjustments made during the PrecisionCare Elite service for your reference.