Creality Ender 5 Plus 12864 LCD Conversion/Upgrade Kit – For V2.X 8Bit Board

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All the parts to add a 12864 LCD to your Ender 5 Plus with NO soldering at all. Simple setup and firmware update included in our Unified Firmware to support the new LCD. Get all the features you are missing out on with the Touch Screen! Works with the Stock V2.X board and our EZBoard with the LCD adapter (add on below). Read below for full details.

This page is for printers with the older 8bit V2.1/V2.2/V2.2.1 boards. If you have the newer revision with the V4.2.2 board you will want to order from this page.

Ender 5 Plus 12864 LCD Bracket V2 - ABS

TH3D 12864 LCD Screen

Includes 2 LCD Cables

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Unified 2 Firmware for Creality Ender 5 Plus

3 Months
Creality Ramps Printers

Add on Dual Cable LCD adapter board?

This adapter is required to use this kit with the Ender 5 Plus and EZBoard, V4.2.7, All SKR E3 Mini boards.

LCD Mounting/Housing Screws - 8 Pack

This is for 8x LCD Mounting Screw for our Printed Part LCD Housings

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M4x10 Bolt & M4 TNut - LCD Kit Pack

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