TH3D EZBoard Lite for Creality Printers

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This item will be start shipping not later than June 19, 2019.

Batch 1 is 100 boards and will ship by 6/18/2019. If the page states Backorder as well as Pre-Order this will be Batch 2 and will ship by 6/29/2019. Shipment Update Here that was sent to all pre-orders on 6/12/19

  • Drop-in Replacement for your Creality Printer (see list of supported machines below)
    • No parts to print, no physical modification of your printer needed to install the board.
  • 32 Bit CPU for Fast Printing and all the latest Features
  • Running the latest Marlin 2.0 firmware
    • TH3D will continually keep the firmware up to date as new features are added to Marlin 2.0
    • Simple configuration for the firmware just like our Unified Firmware U1 that everyone is familiar with
  • SILENT Trinamic TMC 2208 Drivers in UART mode for Silent Printing

Add on Creality Dual Cable LCD Board? – optional

Required for CR-10S Machines that use 2x LCD Cables

Available on backorder

Earn up to 125 Benchies.

Available on backorder

Product Info

Key Features

  • 100% Drop-In Replacement Board
    • NO Soldering
    • NO Cutting Wires
    • NO Printing Adapter Parts
  • Works with Multiple Creality Models
    • CR-10 (Regular, Mini, S4 S5)
    • CR-10S (Regular, Mini, S4 S5)
      • Needs Creality Dual Cable LCD Adapter Board
      • Does NOT work with Touch Screen Models
    • Ender 3
    • Ender 3 Pro
    • Ender 5
  • Silent Trinamic TMC 2208 Stepper Drivers running at 1/256 Stepping
    • UART enabled for driver configuration and data
    • Change Modes with the LCD or GCode
      • StealthChop2
      • SpreadCycle
    • Change Motor Current (VREF) from the LCD or Gcode
    • SpreadCycle and StealthChop2 take 1/16 signals from the CPU and interpolates them to 1/256 for smooth motor control
  • 4 Layer PCB with 2oz Copper for Durability and Heat Dissipation
    • TMC 2208 Drivers Require a 4 Layer PCB and 2oz Copper
    • Other boards use 2 layers and 1oz copper and will overheat over the lifespan of the product when using TMC2208s
  • Runs TH3D Unified Firmware 2.0
    • Based on Marlin 2.0
    • Easy Printer Setup like you know from our Unified Firmware
    • GPL V3 Source Code Provided to EZBoard Customers
  • 32 Bit CPU for all the latest Marlin 2.0 features now and in the future
    • No slowdowns when running all the latest Marlin Features
    • No USB printing bottleneck like with 8 bit boards
  • MOSFETs over specced for cool operation and long life
    • Handles over 50A of Power per MOSFET
  • Dual Controllable Fan outputs
    • FAN 1 – Layer Fan Output
    • FAN 2 – Connect your Hotend and Controller fan to shut off when not printing
  • Compatible with single and dual cable Creality LCDs
    • Dual Cable Requires the Creality Dual Cable LCD Adapter board
  • Other Connections On-Board
    • Servo Header for BL Touch Use
    • Filament Sensor Connection (works with EZOut sensors)
  • Other Features Included
    • Works with our EZABL Kits (all versions)
    • Includes dual Z stepper adapter cable for machines with 2x Z motors

Installation Materials & Firmware

Download Here:
Will be posted before boards start shipping.


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