EZNeo RGB Printer Lighting Kit – 220mm Length

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Add some awesome lighting to your 3D printer with our EZNeo kit! Uses NeoPixel compatible LEDs on them that are all individually addressable. Includes cable, cable covers, mounting hardware, and the strip itself.

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EZNeo Strip Addons

EZNeo 5V Universal Power Kit

Provides up to 1A output at 5V. Perfect for powering the EZNeo Strips. The module is very small (~20mm x ~5mm) and heat-shrunk to stash virtually anywhere. Don't want to solder at all? Use a heat gun and pick up a pack of our Quick Solder connectors with this kit.

EZNeo Power Module for EZBoard Lite V1.X

Use our EZNeo strips with your EZBoard Lite V1.X with NO soldering!

EZNeo/EZOut Extension Cable - 200mm Length (7.8")

This is an extension cable you can use with our EZNeo LED kits or our EZOut Filament Sensors. The length of the cable is 200mm or about 7.8 inches.

Quick Solder Wire Connectors - For Fans, Thermistors, and other Small Wires (22-26 AWG) - 5 Pack - Solder Seals

Make splices quick and easy with our new Quick Solder Wire Connectors. Just use a heat gun to solder and heatshrink wires quickly and securely.

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