TH3D Bambu X1/P1 Upgraded Hotend – Stronger, Replaceable Nozzles, Bi-Metal Heatbreak – Better than “V3” Hotends

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Replaceable 0.4mm Hardened Steel Nozzle, Bi-Metal Copper Heatbreak, Titanium Heatbreak Mounting Screws. Replace your nozzle in 2 minutes with one hand once this is installed – compare to 15+ minutes with the stock hotend!

Includes new heater, thermistor, silicone sock, nozzle wrench, thermal paste, and Allen key. Additional nozzles available here.

These hotends print and function like OEM with the added benefit of swappable nozzles and reinforced heatbreak. Don’t be fooled by the red “v3” hotends on Aliexpress or Amazon that print poorly. These are one of the best Bambu X1/P1 hotends out right now.

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