SV06/SV06 Plus 5015 Pro Layer Fan Upgrade Kit

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This kit includes the printed 5015 fan mount printed by us here in the USA along with the 5015 fan and all the nuts, bolts, and washers to install the kit on your SV06 or SV06 Plus. This replaces the stock layer fan.

Sovol SV06/SV06 Plus 5015 Pro Layer Fan Duct - Black ABS

TH3D 5015 Layer Fan Kit Hardware Pack - V1

Bolts, nuts, and washers for the SV06 5105 Pro Fan Kit and other 5015 Fan kits we sell.

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24V 5015 Fan

Our high flow, dual-ball bearing 5015 fan

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*NEW* Quick Solder Wire Connectors - For Fan Wiring

Connect the new fan wires with just a heat gun - NO SOLDERING IRON REQUIRED


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1544 in stock

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