EZPi P4+ Octoprint Kit – 3D Printer Network Controller – Raspberry Pi4

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Wired or Wireless Connection, 32GB Storage, Power Adapter, Custom Case w/Mounting Bracket, Remote Control over LAN, HD Camera Support (add below), and Tech Support via email Included.

The kit is fully built and pre-tested so you can plug it in and start using it! Multiple optional accessories are available at a discount below as well to make the ultimate EZPi setup for your printer!

EZPi P4+ Controller

Pre-setup, built, and ready to use on your printer

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EZPi Wifi Setup

Have us presetup your wifi information so your EZPi kit automatically connects to your wifi when you get it.

EZPi AC Adapter (Included FREE)

Power adapter for your EZPi Kit

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5ft Ethernet Cable (Included FREE)

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Add on our HD Camera?

Wide angle, manual focus adjustment, great for timelapses
10% off with the EZPi Kit.

Mini Tripod for Printer Webcams V2 - Bendable & Flexible

A tiny tripod to make setting up your camera quick and easy.
10% off with the EZPi Kit.

Add Power Control with our EZPlug?

Have our kit turn your printer on and off automatically to save on power and added protection as well!
10% off with the EZPi Kit.

Add on our USB Power Blocking Cable?

Prevents the LCD from staying on if you have a board that doesn't isolate the 5V USB from the board USB
10% off with the EZPi Kit.

MicroSD to SD Adapter

Adapts the EZPi MicroSD to use in a normal SD slot. Useful for reflashing or setting up wifi yourself.
15% off with the EZPi Kit.

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