EZOut V3 Filament Sensor – Works with SKR, MKS, Creality, Sovol, and More!

Firmware Included via Download for select printers. Filament Sensor Kit 100% Compatible with EZABL Kits and other ABL sensors. Works with Unified 2 Firmware, Marlin, Klipper, and RepRap Firmware. Included cable is 1 meter long, we also sell 200mm extensions.


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Added Bonus EXCLUSIVE to TH3D Customers

Includes a free 3 month or $5 off 1 year of our Unified 2 Firmware package. Coupon will be emailed to you after checkout and will work on ANY Unified 2 Firmware Package in our store here: https://www.th3dstudio.com/product-category/unified-2-firmware/

Why do you want this upgrade?

New V3 Kits require NO adapter board thanks to our new custom cable setup.

Have you ever run out of filament during a print? Now you don’t have to worry! When you get the EZOut V3 filament sensor you feed the filament through our sensor and when it runs out the printer will wait for you to load more filament into the printer so you can resume the print! Absolutely ZERO soldering required to install this. Easily add a filament sensor to your compatible 3D printer (see list below) today! This is a full kit that includes our custom cable and filament sensor. You will need to update your firmware which is included via the firmware offer mentioned above.

Compatible Boards

  • MKS SGen L V1/V2 – Connects to X+ Endstop Pin (uses LOW logic in Marlin)
  • SKR E3 Mini (V1.0, V1.2, V2.0, V3.0, V3.0.1) – Connects to E-Stop Pin (uses LOW logic in Marlin)
  • Creality V4.X.X Boards – Connects to J1 Header (uses LOW logic in Marlin)
  • Creality 2560 Boards – Connects to X+ Endstop Pin (uses LOW logic in Marlin)
  • MKS Monster 8 V2
  • Any board with a 3 pin ENDSTOP with VCC-GND-SIG pinout (not sure? contact us)

Other Machines

If your printer has a MKS or SKR board that uses standard 3 pin endstop connections this will work with your board. You will need to configure your firmware for whatever pin you connect it to. Only the above machines listed have firmware pre-setup from TH3D available.

Installation Directions

  1. Connect the cable end with the label that says “THIS END GOES TO SENSOR” to the EZOut V3 Sensor
  2. Plug the other end into your control board
  3. Update your firmware on your board
  4. Add M75 to your starting Gcode at the very beginning
  5. Feed your filament through the sensor
  6. Slice and print!


  • Injection Molded PC-ABS (black)
  • Curved Detection Switch to Avoid filament snags
  • Tapered Inlet and Outlet
  • Lightweight (1oz) For Inline Installation
  • 1 Meter Filament Sensor Cable Included
  • Sensor housing style may vary from what is pictured
  • V2 and V3 sensors are the same sensor – The difference is the cable they come with


  • Red = VCC (3.3-5V DC)
  • Black = Ground
  • White = Signal

Sensor Logic Settings

  • Marlin 1.1.X uses FIL_RUNOUT_INVERTING false
  • Marlin 2.0.6+ uses FIL_RUNOUT_STATE LOW

WARNING: Do NOT use the V3 sensors with any previous EZOut V1 or V2 adapter boards. These are ONLY intended to be used on their own and directly connected to a control board with the supplied cable. Do NOT use other cables with our V3 sensors other than the cable it comes with.



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