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EZBoard V2 – Production Update – All Tests Passing

We’re proud to announce that the 1st batch of boards that were made are ready to be moved into full scale production. We’ve completed over 200 hours of printing on the retail board version as well as 1000+ hours on the prototype. All firmware is working, thermal testing passed, and load testing passed. We are […]

Office Internet Line Update – Fixed-ish*

We’ve been dealing with issues with our internet line here (Comcast) on and off for months. We finally were able to get them to send out a technician and they found that our line had multiple splices in it that were defective and causing issues. They pulled a completely new line to us and everything […]

Web Service Updates – EZFirmware Server & Help Desk – 2/28/21

This weekend was a busy one for us here at TH3D! We migrated our ticketing system to SupportPal that resides on our own servers and moved our EZFirmware tool to a super-fast local box here at our HQ. Help Desk Changes – Goodbye Zendesk We moved over all open tickets to the new helpdesk system […]