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BetterHeaterTimeout Octoprint Plugin Bug – Disable it Now

On our EZPi images, we bundle the BetterHeaterTimeout plugin. This is a handy plugin to shut off the heaters when idle in case you forget but there is a bug in the plugin that is a show stopper. If you have a filament sensor and the machine is paused it will kill the print job […]

EZPi V2.3 Image + The Spaghetti Detective – Low Camera Framerate

Update 8/3/21 The new EZPi V2.4 image has the TSD plugin removed. EZPi kits will start shipping with the V2.4 image soon. Issue We wanted to post an update about a bug with the latest EZPi V2.3 image and The Spaghetti Detective (TSD) plugin. Users have reported that the current image gets a low camera […]

The Spaghetti Detective – Remote Access for EZPi & OctoPrint

New Printing Friends We rolled out a new EZPi image with many new features, plugins, and OS updates. One of the new plugins that is pre-installed is one called The Spaghetti Detective. The Spaghetti Detective (aka TSD) does multiple things, and we think it’s a great plugin for our users to check out. As an […]