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2:00 pm: [LIVE] Tevo Tarantula Pro - Live Stream Build!

2:00 pm: [LIVE] Tevo Tarantula Pro - Live Stream Build!
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TH3D News

Anet Complies with the GPL!

Today we're happy to finally announce that Anet has finally come forward and released the source code that they should have for their customers.   This is a huge step forward in the GPL movement that was started 2 years ago to this day and we cannot be happier to...

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Announcing our new Benchy reward program!

We all like Benchies. But now you're going to love them. Ok, you're probably wondering why I'm bothering you about these little boats we all print to test our machines. The picture above is just a small collection of the ones we have floating around here. Benchies on...

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Order Status Update – 12/7/2018

Samantha was out today and both Tim and Samantha will be away until Sunday. We'll be working Sunday to get the rest of the outstanding orders completed for shipping on Monday if all goes to plan. Internally we want to be 100% caught up on ALL orders no later than...

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Amazon Payments Issues – Discontinued for Now

We've decided to discontinue use of Amazon pay due to technical limitations with their payment platform and WooCommerce that are causing a negative customer experience when using it as a payment method. ***PLEASE NOTE: If you used Amazon Pay we have your order and it...

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