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Rumble: TBD

Company Updates

Local Shows coming up – Hobart Moose Lodge Artisan Market – 5/11/24

Moose Lodge Page:

Product Updates

  • Huge restock on filaments
  • EZPi restock
  • NG-8 restock

New Firmware update for A1 Mini + A1 cables tested and shipping replacement:

  • Air printing detection (but only if you use the AMS Lite with .4mm nozzle)
  • Build plate detection
  • Nozzle “clumping” detection
  • Remote SD Card browsing for models and time-lapse
If the A1 fails, they can always pivot into the adult toy market?

New RatRig releases into beta “V-Chonk”

Nice looking printer you can DIY though needs a 400×400 print bed for some parts. First mods coming out will most likely be splitting those up.

RMRRF is 2 short weeks away!

Shirts for sale

Who is going?

Sovol getting “reviews” on a printer thats not even released yet

Offering a “review” unit to test if you post a 5 star “comment” on their store page for an unreleased printer?

Update on Sovol:
Apologized for the misunderstanding and removed all “reviews:

“Trust”Pilot Reviews

Extorsion for using screenshots of PrinterMods stealing our pages

K2 with “CMS” leaks

Q&A Notes

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