TH3D Stool Sample – Poopular Dad Joke – Stool in Sample Jar



Introducing the “Stool Sample” – the dad joke that’s taking bathroom humor to a whole new level of hilarity! Say goodbye to boring medical sample cups and hello to a dose of laughter with this quirky creation.

Picture this: a clear cup that’s not just for your ordinary bodily fluids, but for a “Stool Sample” of the 3D-printed variety! Nestled inside, a miniature stool that’s so pun-tastic, it’s practically a stand-up comedian in its own right.

It’s the perfect conversation starter for your next check-up, a gag gift that’ll have everyone in stitches (figuratively, of course). Who knew medical supplies could be so punbelievably funny? Stool color will vary depending on diet.

So, whether you’re a professional prankster, a dad joke enthusiast, or just someone who appreciates a good laugh, the “Stool Sample” is here to ensure your bathroom breaks are never the same again. Get ready to share a chuckle with every drop – because humor, like good health, is the best medicine!

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