Tough Extruder – 3:1 Gearing, Bowden OR Direct 1.75mm – Titan Compatible

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  • Geared Extruder
  • Based on E3D Titan Open Source Design under GPL V3
  • Hardened STEEL Hobbed Gear
  • 1.75mm Bowden Fitting Included
  • Thumbscrew for Tension Adjustment Included
  • Allen Keys and All Screws Included
  • Universal ABS Mount Included
  • Works with Stock Stepper Motor

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Product Info

  • Geared Extruder
  • Based on E3D Titan Open Source Design under GPL V3
  • Parts List
    • 3x Allen Keys for Assembly
    • 1x 1.75mm Bowden Adapter
    • 1x Polycarbonate Lid
    • 1x 1.75mm White Filament Guide (recommended)
    • 1x 1.75mm Black Filament Guide (less constrained path)
    • 1x Main Housing (ABS Plastic)
    • 1x Universal Mount (ABS Plastic)
    • 1x Steel Shaft Gear
    • 1x Hardened Steel hobbed gear
    • 1x Tension arm
    • 3x Bearings (2 for hobbed gear, 1 in filament arm)
    • 2x Zip Ties
    • 1x PTFE for filament arm
    • 1x M4 x 9mm Plastic Covered Metal Thumbscrew
    • 1x M4 x 9mm Screw (For use in place of thumbscrew)
    • 1x M3 x 8mm (Screw under fitting)
    • 1x M3 x 12mm (Screw under fitting, extended)
    • 1x M3 x 25mm (Screw for Cover)
    • 3x M3 x 30mm (Screws for attaching to motor)
    • 3x M3 x 35mm (Screws for attaching to motor, extended)
  • Works with Stock Stepper Motor
  • This is for 1.75mm Filament, No 3.0mm Filament Parts are included.


Tension Adjustment Note

The included mount is provided by our supplier. We include it since it is provided to us. See below for machine specific mounts.

For firmware enable the Titan Extruder option in the TH3D Unified Firmware.

If you are using your own firmware invert the E direction and we recommend starting with 463 steps/mm and stick with 1/16 stepping on the driver if you have a selectable driver (double the steps/mm if using a 0.9 degree motor, stock printer motors are 1.8 degree).

This is NOT an E3D product. This is based on their open source design. Compatible with all “Titan” style mounts. Assembles like any Titan Extruder.

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3 reviews for Tough Extruder – 3:1 Gearing, Bowden OR Direct 1.75mm – Titan Compatible

  1. jwilliams

    Reading different nightmares about “clone” products I was unsure about this but after talking with Tim I decided to take the plunge. The extruder is fantastic and the ease of adjusting the tension makes even difficult filaments easy to handle.

    I haven’t had any issues with skipped steps and installation was quick and painless.

    The only item that took me getting used to was with the mount I used, the extruder faces the rear of the printer making it a little difficult to see but as there has been no issues, not being able to see hasn’t been a problem.

    For someone who is looking to replace their stock extruder, this is a great product at a great price.

  2. James Landfair

    Good tech. Works flawlessly on my CR-10s. Adapted it to my original Bowden extruder mount

  3. Steve

    Had tried many attempts at TPU using stock extruder with nothing but problems. Installed this and first attempt at a full quad canopy turned out perfectly. Best purchase I have made since getting my CR-10s

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