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EZBoard V2 – Production Update – All Tests Passing

We’re proud to announce that the 1st batch of boards that were made are ready to be moved into full scale production. We’ve completed over 200 hours of printing on the retail board version as well as 1000+ hours on the prototype. All firmware is working, thermal testing passed, and load testing passed. We are […]

One Year Anniversary! – New Firmware Released, New EZOut V2 Coming Soon, Giveaways Coming!

This post is going to be very long. If you only care about the new firmware details, EZOut V2 information, and the giveaways they are after the One Year post and the EZABL history. One Year Anniversary September 2018 marks the 1 year anniversary of the “official launch” of TH3D in the 3D printing space, […]

CR-10S Pre-Order Shipping on 5/25 – Order Combination Available to Save on Shipping

We just received the batch of the CR-10S Dual Extrusion board from Creality today. They will be shipping on 5/25 so we can test these and give people time to order other parts that will go with the boards. Each board will include a FULL cable that has 2 stepper cables and an X endstop […]

New Products and New Update – EZABL Mini, EZPi, CR-10 Dual Extrusion, and Unified Firmware U1.R1.8

We’re proud to announce that in the latest release of the Unified Firmware we have more printer support as well as some minor bug fixes since the last releases. The Alfawise U10, Ender 3, and the Wanhao i3 Mini are all added for stock machine support. The Ender 3 is compatible with the EZOut and EZABL […]