EZOut Filament Sensor Kit – Installation Information

Getting Started You will need the following to install the kit: The TH3D EZOut V2 Kit If you have the Standard (SKR/MKS/Tornado/CR-10S)/Wanhao D6 a heat gun or hair dryer to install the heat shrink on the adapter PCB after making the connections Tools to open your control box PC To Flash the Firmware Unified 2 […]

Anet Bootloader Flashing Guide (USBASP)

We recommend you use the UNO method to flash your bootloader if you do not already have a USB ASP as the UNO method has been proven to be more reliable. We sell a full bootloader kit in our shop here: TH3D Uno Bootloader Flashing Kit Some Anet boards have an outdated or oversized bootloader. If […]

Printer Bed Sizing Chart

Many 3D Printers on the market have beds that are physically larger than the print area they support. This page serves to document and provide information on machines that we deal with here at TH3D Studio. The print area is the area that is specified by the printer manufacturer. Modifications to your machine may change […]