Creality V4.2.X Boards – GD32 CPU Testing Update

We got in one of these GD32 V4.2.2 boards that have been seen shipping with [...]

More STM32 Clones – Creality V4.2.X Boards with GD32 Clones In the Wild…

Back in August BigTreeTech was sending out some boards with the GD32 CPUs that are [...]


Unified 2 Firmware adds support for 256K Creality V4 boards!

Yesterday we rolled out our Unified 2.37 firmware update. We sent out firmware to community [...]

Creality V4 Board CPUs – How To Check Yours

With Creality changing out CPUs on the V4 boards with no notice to their customers [...]

Creality – 4.2.X CPUs – 512K swapped out for 256K – WARNING – FIRMWARE

CPUs Swapped Out In our Discord server a user was working on their machine and [...]


ABL Sensor Wire Comparison – EZABL Pro VS BLTouch

Sensor Types If you have ever looked up what ABL sensor to get for your [...]

GD32 CPU License Issues – Attack of the Clones

In full disclosure, we sell (Creality and MKS) and make control boards. We understand the [...]

Add RGB to your 3D Printer with our EZNeo kits

LET THERE BE RGB Today we launched our EZNeo RGB LED kits. These are hard [...]

🎉 New Ender 6 EZFlex Plates Added. Most sizes restocked. Large sizes coming 7/13.

LARGER SIZES GETTING STOCKED TOMORROW If you are looking for the 410x410mm, 470x470mm, and/or 508x508mm [...]

EZABL Just got better – Warranty & Support Extension

We’re proud to announce that we’re extending ALL EZABL Pro kits from our standard 3-month [...]