Mager 25A AC/DC SSR for AC Heated Bed


  • Control your AC bed with a SSR just like your stock bed!
  • Upgrade the low quality Tornado SSR to eliminate interference with ABL sensors
    • Direct replacement for Tornado SSR
  • 100% Compatible with our EZABL kit – Tested to work
  • Handles up to 25A AC Current
  • Can be operated on 3-32V DC
    • Works with a Raspberry Pi GPIO – Tested to work by TH3D
  • Comes with safety cover for SSR
  • Genuine Mager SSR – NOT a cheap knock-off

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Product Info

Wiring Information:

Note – It is HIGHLY recommended to use a fuse or breaker on the line input to prevent shorts if they occur. Also use the ground wire to ground the frame of the printer. Crimp terminals should be used to connect the wires to the SSR.


Technical Specifications:

Load Current25A
Load Voltage  (Output Voltage)24-480VAC
Control Voltage  (Input Voltage)3-32VDC
Control CurrentDC 3-25mA
ON Voltage≤1.5V
OFF Leakage Current≤2mA
Reaction time≤10mS
Dielectric Strength2500VAC
Insulation Resistance1000MΩ/500VDC
Ambient Temperature-30 to 80 C deg
Status IndicatorLED


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