Vision Miner Nano Polymer Adhesive – Build Plate Adhesive


  • Sticks your prints to the bed, it just works.
  • Works with all major filament types and high end ones like PEEK and Ultem
  • Works with glass, PEI, and flex plates
  • Long lasting for filaments like ABS, PETG, and PLA
  • One full size bottle typically will last 4-6 months
  • Sample size available to try it out

Earn up to 50 Benchies.

Product Info

What is this and why do you want it?

This adhesive is amazing. We have been using it in our printer farm (primarily on our ABS fleet) for years now. It just works. You apply a thin coating to your build plate (glass, PEI, flex plate, etc) and parts stick. We pair this with our EZFlex system to make ABS printing amazingly easy on our plates. One full size (100ml) bottle is enough for your average hobbyist to print for 4-6 months. One 100ml bottle lasts us about 2 months for 12 machines (Ender 3 with EZFlex PEI plates). We usually get about 8-10 prints before needing to re-apply on our ABS printers. This stuff works with all your printing materials including ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU, TPE and many more. It’s great for prints that have a lot of small contact points on the bed and you want some extra insurance that the print will stick. We’re honored that Vision Miner has allowed us to be a re-seller of this awesome product and hope you all enjoy it as well.

Each package of this adhesive includes a instruction sheet, an application brush, and the bottle of the adhesive.

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Warranty & Support Information

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Click here to download the Safety Data Sheet from Vision Miner

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