Further updates are below. Last updated on 4/1/21.

We are putting out this post to warn individuals AND other companies in the 3D printing space. The man is named Peter Laucella but also goes on Facebook by Peter “Lancella.” He has 3 different accounts that he uses to defraud companies out of their products. This person defrauded us out of over $150 in product and services. His usual strategy is to claim he never received a product when he did. If that doesn’t work, he will post false, negative feedback about the company/product on social media until the company gives in to a refund.

We are a small business, and we will not stay silent when people steal from us. We will be pursuing this as far as we can legally and if you have information about more crimes against you or other companies, please send them to us.

The account he usually uses for scamming in the 3D printing groups

We later come to find out that he also stole and committed chargeback fraud against 3D Maker Engineering and BigTreeTech. There was also an attempt made at defrauding TinyMachines3D to the tune of $2000, but they were able to cancel his order before he had the opportunity to scam them.

He also posted on his Reddit account (K1llerElite68) about being banned from Amazon services as well because of his “returns”. What this means is that he was committing return fraud against them and was also banned.

We directly confronted him about the board being stolen (he literally sent in a picture of the 2 accessories on top of the EZBoard box on his ticket, claiming he “didn’t get the board.” Based on our product stock levels, package weight, and a literal picture from him showing the brown box we only use for the EZBoards – we are 100% sure that there was an EZBoard in his shipment. He emailed threatening chargebacks and also called multiple times to harass our staff demanding a refund on the product he received. He wore our support rep down until she eventually just refunded the order so she didn’t have to deal with him anymore. The order he placed with us had a bogus phone number. He uses an address in Illinois for his scamming.

This person has a long history of fraud/theft and is doing it in our 3D printing communities. He also posted a few weeks after the board was delivered on the Repetier forums asking for help with their software to talk to the board. He also posted in our customer Facebook group that he has the board in his machine. He uses the handle “Clue3030” online along with the “K1llerElite68”. This guy constantly struggles with products because he lacks the capacity to understand how to use them and this is part of his strategy to get a refund. You can see this type of behavior in his numerous Facebook posts in the groups where it’s always the product’s fault and not his own lack of skills.

He originally agreed to return the board to us and claimed it “was from a friend.” He refused to provide the mystery “friends” order information (see messages below) and will not be able to because there is no “friend.” He confirmed receipt of the box with the return label to return our property to us but then got angry when we told him we would not sell him other products because he stole from us. He finally claims the board is “in two pieces” because he’s too incompetent to remove a PCB from the printer housing without damaging it (clearly a lie).

Seeing as the amounts are smaller for us and the police have better things to do, we ask that if you had issues with the guy as a seller or buyer to email us as we are collecting as much information on the scale of fraud he is doing. We already have an active Police report with the Hobart, IN police department and will be pursuing this to the fullest extent even if it costs us a significant amount because we believe in the principle of the matter. It’s clear that he is a serial offender and hasn’t learned his lesson, so we will do everything we can to ensure he is held accountable for his actions.

One of his many mugshots available online.

Peter Laucella has over a dozen charges over the last 10+ years for check fraud, retail, theft, and intimidation. These are just a few of the charges that we were able to find with a quick Google search.

If Peter wants this removed, we want a public apology and repayment to EVERY other company he has defrauded and us. He was given many chances to return our property and failed to do so. Many of you may know this guy from the Facebook groups because he constantly causes problems for everyone and has been banned from over a dozen of them so far.

Further Updates

UPDATE (4/1/2021): We are still getting reports of him trying to defraud 3D printing companies through various scams. He poses as a “student” and uses his previous military service to try and get excessive discounts on products (which he will probably then try to scam his way out of once you ship the product).

UPDATE (1/8/2021): He has created a new profiles with the below pictures and URLs

UPDATE (1/7/2021): Profile picture has changed again.

UPDATE (12/27/2020): He is changing his profiles to be more anonymous. Here is what the one looks like now. The name is “itsjustme Peter”

His profile with a generic name and avatar. This is the same guy.

UPDATE (12/24/2020): We’ve now got confirmation that at least 3 other 3D printing companies were hit by this criminal bringing the total to 6. We also have 1 report of him sending unsolicited pictures of his genitals to one of the female members of the community.

7 thoughts on “Peter Laucella/Lancella – Fraud & Theft WARNING

  1. The 3D Czech Tech says:

    I hope you get the justice you deserve. It’s not fair for him to get free stuff so that the bill can get passed to the REAL hard working customers. I watch you on YouTube all the time. Much love and respect brother..

  2. ihateu3 says:

    More business’s need to take your approach, I fully support the way you are dealing with this.

    I personally have not dealt with fraud that I am aware of, but have refused sales to a few select customers based on extremely rude and unprofessional communication. More business’s need to realize that they do not have to put up with bad customers.

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