Forums are Dead. Discord is the Future.

Here at TH3D, we’ve tried multiple times to make a forum for people to use for all 3D printing needs, but every time the user engagement and usage were very low. Instead of trying to have too many communities, we’re focusing on the ones that are growing and active. People are more into “instant” communication these days, and forums are the opposite of that.

The one community that is very active and helpful is our Discord community. Discord is not the same as a Forum, but their file upload and search feature are excellent, so finding information is very easy. We will be putting time and money into making our own custom Discord bot (to update the new aging one) to search the help center directly in Discord.

We appreciate the few people who actually posted on the forum. The reality is times are changing, and no one wants to use forums anymore despite them being a great resource for long-term information storage. We will be looking for information in our Discord server to convert into Help Center articles for things that come up repeatedly for repeat and long term reference.

Recognizing the move towards “groups” and instant communications like Discord we are discontinuing our Forum effective immediately and will not be setting one up in the future. The forum link will re-direct to the Discord server. See you all there.

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