Our Unified 2 Firmware that you all know and love on your Stock boards or EZBoards is now available for the BigTreeTech SKR E3 Mini V1, V1.2, V2, and V3 boards. This firmware works with no compile errors and we’ve tested it on the actual, physical boards to make sure they work correctly.

Since these are not stock boards or boards that we sell we are charging a $5 download that gives you access to the firmware for 6 months as well as any updates that come out during that time. Developing and testing firmware on these boards takes staff time which costs us money so this is why we are charging a small fee to download it.

You can see all the firmware we have and what printer models are supported by looking through the BigTreeTech Firmware section of our help center here: BigTreeTech Firmware – TH3D Studio Help Center

We hope you enjoy the firmware and hope it helps make setting up your BigTreeTech boards easier and quicker for those that have them. If this firmware model is successful we will look at adding more 3rd party boards to our Unified 2 Firmware lineup.