We’re putting more time into supporting more 3rd party boards for 3D printers with our awesome Unified 2 Firmware. The next board that gets this special treatment is the Creality V4.2.7 board. Just like the other firmware, we have out you’ll get updates for 6 months. We also sell this board so when you purchase a V4.2.7 directly from us the firmware and 6 months of updates are included for free.

Already bought a V4.2.7 from us in the past 6 months? As a thank you to those who purchased their V4.2.7 boards from us in the past 6 months just contact us with your order number that is from 4/1/2022 or newer and we’ll make an order for you for free to get you access to the firmware for 6 months. All V4.2.7 board purchases made after 10/4/2022 will automatically have the firmware added to the order at no additional cost.

Didn’t purchase your V4.2.7 from TH3D? Not a problem! You can purchase the firmware for only $5 below or in our store.

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