X Gantry Leveling/Alignment Blocks

Having your X Gantry level is important for quality prints and especially if you are using an ABL probe (like the EZABL). You want your gantry level with the printer frame, not your bed. Your bed should then be leveled to the nozzle AFTER you are sure your X gantry is level with the printer […]

Ender 5 Plus Wire Loom Strain Relief/Mount

About this part Our friend “Dusty” in our Discord server made this handy part to help support the wire loom on the Ender 5 Plus hotend. This keeps the loom from sagging and hitting things it shouldn’t. Our Ender 5 Plus kept having the wire loom sag and hit the endstop on X, messing up […]

Rolling Spool Holder for Creality/Sovol Printers

Details This spool holder is a nice one that we found on Thingiverse (by mjoaris). The issue with the stock files is that how they were exported, they would not print correctly. We’ve repaired the files and oriented them in the orientation that they should be printed. This will fit most Creality and Sovol printers […]

TH3D “Neon” LED Logo Sign Download

Info On our YouTube channel we showed (see video below) the DIY Neon LED sign we made. Below are the Fusion 360 files and STL files if you want to make your own. Links to the same LED strips and recommended power adapters are linked in the YouTube video description and below if you want […]