EZCam HD – 1080p, Manual Focus, Wide Angle

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  • 1080P 30FPS Resolution & Framerate
  • Real GLASS Lens w/IR Filter
  • Manual Focus Adjustment
  • Wide Angle View (104° FoV)
  • Compatible with OctoPrint and EZPi Setups
  • USB Connectivity w/3FT Cable
  • STL Files Included for Mounting
  • Works with Windows 7/8/10/11 as a webcam


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What is so special about the EZCam HD?

The EZCam HD is specced out with 3D printer users in mind. We’ve used and sold the Logitech cameras for a while now but wanted something that offers better picture quality and features. The lens is a manual focus so you can lock in on your printer bed to get a crisp, clear picture without worrying about it changing.

Many webcams on the market have fixed focus or autofocus that make getting your printer bed that is close up hard to do without modification or advanced command-line configuration in Octoprint. Many cameras with autofocus struggle to keep in focus when mounted on a printer.

Inside the camera, we have a glass lens with an IR filter, a 1080p CMOS sensor, and hardware MJPEG encoding. This means that it delivers a clear image with minimal load on your Raspberry Pi CPU. The base that is normally used to set it on a computer monitor is easily detachable to attach the camera itself to a variety of mounts that we have designed so you can attach it to your printer bed mounts or frame easily.

STL Files For Mounting Where the camera attaches to the base there is a nut and screw inside that is accessible when you remove the plastic circles covering the ends. This bolt and nut are used to mount the camera to the STL files we designed for this camera. Included STL File Mount List:

  • TH3D Solid Bed Mount Adapter Part
  • Ender 5/Ender 5 Plus Corner Mount
  • General 2020 Extrusion Mount Arm

Download EZCam STL Mounting Pack

Tech Specs

  • 1080P 30FPS Sensor
    • Good low light performance
  • Real GLASS Lens w/IR Filter
    • Clear picture with durability
  • Manual Focus Adjustment
    • Get your bed in focus without taking the camera apart or complicated command line settings!
  • Wide Angle View
    • See more of your printer bed than standard webcams
    • 104° Degree FoV
  • Compatible with OctoPrint and EZPi Setups
    • Just plug it in and restart your Octoprint Pi
  • USB Connectivity w/3FT Cable
    • Easy to route on your printer vs ribbon type cameras
    • Easily extendable with standard USB extension cables if you need it longer
  • The base is weighted and has a standard “tripod” 1/4″ thread mount in the bottom.

STL files to mount this camera to our Solid Bed Mounts as well as standard 20mm size extrusion available above.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 6 × 2 in
Made In

🇨🇳 China

Warranty Length

6 Months

6 reviews for EZCam HD – 1080p, Manual Focus, Wide Angle

  1. Paul S. (verified owner)

  2. James Z. (verified owner)

    Wanted one that was adjustable and this one works for me.

  3. Ken R. (verified owner)

  4. Avatar photo

    Emerson Corder (verified owner)

    Decided to try one out after I could no longer get ahold of cheap Wyze Cam v2 to flash with the webcam firmware. This produces a MUCH better picture and is tuneable within crowsnest! My new go-to camera!

  5. mpoffo (verified owner)

    I bought this since it was higher resolution and had a wider FOV that the logitech cameras I had. In addition the focus adjust built in prevents the need for modding. It works well, especially with my Ender 5 plus. I can get most of the bed in the cam at a relatively close distance. Price is reasonable to boot!

  6. boburch (verified owner)

    I real like this TH3D EZCam HD – 1080p camera.
    This new EZCam replaces the older Logitech HD – 720p,
    which became out of focus when the Y-axis traveled close to the Logitech camera.
    I plugged EZCam into the USB connection of the Raspberry Pi 3B
    and viewing the 1080p picture in my network EZPi and the focus was perfect
    with in the full travel of my Y-axis.
    Picture quality is better then I have ever seen it with the old Logitech cam.
    I did not need to turn the silver ring to adjust the focus, it was perfect already.
    It is a real good camera upgrade for my CR10 3D Printer.
    I like it a lot !

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