EZChoice Electric Lime ABS – 1KG 1.75mm – UV Reactive

This is a vibrant ABS that reacts under UV lights for prints that look great all day long and under a blacklight.


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Introducing our EZChoice filament line

The EZChoice filament line from TH3D is our curated collection of affordable filaments that we’ve found from other manufacturers overseas that meet our rigorous QC standards. No more hunting around random websites hoping to get something that prints well. We’ve tested all the filaments to ensure quality and test samples from all new batches that we get. This means you get awesome filament that prints great every time. Every filament has REAL pictures of the filament spool and most have a test print to show you exactly what you get.

Bambu AMS Compatibility: Both our plastic and cardboard spools work with the Bambu AMS

Spool Type: Spools will either be plastic or cardboard depending on stock.

Printing ABS Tips and Must-Haves

ABS is a filament that shrinks a bit as it cools. You must have an enclosure to reliably print ABS filament. We highly recommend using Bed Cement when printing ABS to keep the print stuck to your build surface.

Printing Temperatures & Tips

These are the temperatures that we found our filaments print best at.

  • PLA – 210C Nozzle | 50-60C Bed
  • PETG – 230C Nozzle | 70-80C Bed
  • TPU/TPE – 220C Nozzle | 60-80C Bed
  • ABS/ASA – 245C Nozzle | 100-110C Bed
  • Nylon – 200-230C Nozzle | 80-100C Bed (depends heavily on printer and profile) – Enclosure Recommened

Printing ASA/ABS – When printing ASA/ABS you must use an enclosure to prevent warping and layers de-laminating. We sell enclosures in our shop here.

Prints not sticking? – For all materials we highly recommend Bed Cement to stick your prints down if you are having issues with adhesion.

Abrasive Filaments –  If you are printing Carbon Fiber, Glass filled, and/or Glow in the Dark we highly recommend using a nozzle that is rated for abrasive filaments. We carry steel and our EZFlow nozzles for many machines that are up to the task to print these harsher filaments.

Filament Support Information

Help Center – If you need help tuning a filament or want recommended print temperatures you can check our filament section of our Help Center here: Filament – TH3D Studio LLC

Filament Handling

When handling filament the end should be:

  1. On the spool
  2. In your hand
  3. Loaded in the printer

Do NOT let the end of the filament go when handling it as you can cause the spool to tangle. Filament cannot tangle on its own. Returns/refunds will not be issued if you tangle a spool. Due to how filament is spooled onto the roll it is impossible to get a tangled spool from a new spool.

Additional information

Weight 37 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 3 in
Made In

🇨🇳 China

Warranty Length

6 Months


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