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Shipping Delays – Team Member Out Temporarily

Currently, we are running 1-3 days behind our normal shipping schedule. Our main team member is out for a few days to recover from emergency surgery. We are putting in extra hours and I am assisting the shop team to try and speed up order shipping to get back to our normal shipping schedule. We […]

International Shipping Delays Still Happening

We are still seeing shipping delays for orders going outside the US. Orders that use the cheapest USPS First Class mail can take anywhere between 30-60 days to arrive. We have clearly stated that there are delays on our checkout page and cart page, along with a link to our COVID19 status page that also […]

COVID19 Carrier Delays are Still Happening.

We wanted to post yet another update on the status of what we see with the shipping carriers. Since COVID19 started on 12/2019, shipping carriers have had delays. USPS is currently dropping the ball on getting packages there in their normal times (pre COVID19). As we have stated many times on our website and in […]