UK Customers – Shipping Resumed!

Back in late 2020, we had halted shipping to the UK due to new VAT laws that were passed that we thought would affect shipping to the UK. Because it was not clear if it would affect us or not we decided to halt shipping to the UK temporarly.

We’ve talked to friends and customers over there who have informed us that nothing has changed in terms of shipping to the UK since the new law was passed. We also have sent over orders to customers there on a per-case basis and all have arrived successfully. We are opening up sales again to UK customers and customs should handle the import duties as they have been previously.

Please note that customs charges will be handled by your customs office and we do not have a way to pre-pay/pre-collect these charges. This means that you may have to pay a customs import charge when your package arrives at the UK customs facility as it has been previously.