Creality V4.2.X Boards – GD32 CPU Testing Update

We got in one of these GD32 V4.2.2 boards that have been seen shipping with the Ender 3 Pro machines from one of our customers and community members. We’ve completed testing of these boards with our Unified 2 Firmware packages.

We are happy to report that the current firmware works as-is with no adjustments with our current firmware packages.

Salmon Skin Issues

We did notice that these boards have salmon skin issues that make artifacts appear on the surface of the prints. These issues were seen on the older 8 bit Ender 3 boards but not the STM32 based ones. The way to fix this is to replace the board with a better one (like the V4.2.7 or EZBoard V2) or you can try “smoothers” that attach to the motor between the control board. This was a common issue years ago with some drivers and printer boards but has since shown up on these GD32 based boards.

Both the STM32 native environment and the Maple environment showed the same results as the stock firmware.

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