TH3D Post-Move Update – Order Estimated Shipping Times – Happy New Year!

UPDATE (1/9/19): We are closing the shop for new orders for a few days so we can get inventory counted and existing orders shipped out. The shop will re-open on 1/14/19.

We just wanted to give everyone an update on where we stand with the move. We have all our personal and business stuff moved to the new property and have been working to get our temporary setup in our home garage setup so we can begin shipping orders out again and making products for you.

There are currently over 500 orders in the queue from after the 12/17/18 cutoff for the move and we will be processing them in the order they were received. We expect to have our shipping and inventory fully setup starting tomorrow evening so if you can expect to start seeing tracking emails going out after 4PM CST. We will be making a post office run on 1/5 (Saturday) and working all weekend to get as many orders as we can packaged and fulfilled.

To give you an idea of shipping times here is our best guess based on our capacity and inventory availability.

The below shipping times are worst case estimates and depending on the contents of you order may ship well before the estimated dates. We are going to be putting in many extra hours (including weekends) to try and stay well ahead of these estimated dates but we want to set realistic expectations on when orders will be shipping. If we are not able to meet the estimated dates we will update everyone again with revised dates.

Estimated shipping time table:

  • Orders placed between 12/17/18 and 12/22/18 should be shipping by 1/9/19
  • Orders placed between 12/23/18 and 12/29/18 should be shipping by 1/15/19
  • Orders placed between 12/30/18 and 1/4/19 should be shipping by 1/21/19
  • Orders placed after 1/4/19 will be delayed as well and should be shipping no later than 1/25/19

Orders with EZABL kits and/or ABS parts will be ones taking longer to process as we make those in house and we have not been able to make kits or print ABS parts during the unpacking/moving process.

Our guys will be firing up the soldering irons and ABS machines today so that we can get kits and ABS parts going out the door again starting Monday (1/7/19). We also have to get our printer farm operational again and perform machine calibration so that we can begin printing customer parts again. Some machines were damaged during the move and will be repaired over the next few days. If you are wanting to cancel an order you can Contact Us with your order number and we will cancel the order a long as it has not been packaged yet (due to the high volume of orders once an order is packed we will not be able to cancel it).

Thank you everyone for your patience and we look forward to making things much smoother in 2019 now that we have more space to run TH3D out of. Stay tuned as once we complete the TH3D shop we will be throwing an open house for everyone. If all goes to plan we should have the new shop up and running in late March 2019. We are also in the process of hiring a few new people to help us run smoother and get things better documented/supported overall.

Since people have been asking: Pending no other issues we will be stocking the Artillery EZ300 and the upcoming Tough RGB LED kit in the shop towards the end of January once we are caught up with orders.

Hope you had a Happy New Year!