Today we launched our EZNeo RGB LED kits. These are hard PCB lighting strips that bolt up to your printer extrusion. We have support for these strips in our firmware release as well as documentation on how to make them work and connect them to various boards. We’re going to be adding more documentation on different boards so if you have one that you want to request an article to be made on you can Contact Us and we’ll put one together.

How do they work?

These strips work with most boards that have extra IO pins. The only ones that are not supported are the older 1284p boards as they have memory and IO pin limitations. If you have a 2560 CPU or higher (32 bit) then you can use the EZNeo. See power options below for providing power to the EZNeo strip.

Using Marlin with our recommended settings, these lights will cycle through RGB on bootup and then light up a bright white. You can turn them on or off from your printer LCD screen (12864 LCDs supported only) as well as change the color of the lights. If you have a color screen (like on the Ender 3 V2), you can control them via GCode commands with the M150 command.

In addition to providing lighting so you can see your print easier, these will also cycle through colors like a progress bar as your printer begins its preheating cycle before a print. After the print starts they will turn white. Once the print finishes, they will turn green so you can glance over and see it is done.

If you want to see what documentation we already have posted you can check the EZNeo page in our Help Center here: EZNeo Lighting Kits – TH3D Studio LLC

Power Options

Some boards can use the strip directly (like the SKR E3 Mini V1.2, V1.0 and SKR 1.4/1.4T boards). Others will need a separate power addon. Our upcoming EZBoard V2 will also support direct connection for the strip as well. If you have another board we have a universal power kit that comes with a 5V step-down module that has wires pre-soldered to it and it is very compact. We also have an addon board for the EZBoard Lite V1.X that will be shipping by the end of the month as well that provides a solder-free installation.

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