2 thoughts on “Introducing the New Paid Model for Unified 2 Firmware – Free 3 Month or $5 off 1 Year

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    milliner says:

    I understand why you’re doing this, but for customers who’ve purchased your custom printer boards and parts, it rubs me the wrong way. I get that you’re doing a “free” 3 month subscription with purchase, but I question if this is a model I want to support. I most likely would not have purchased from you if this was the case when I made my original purchase. I think you should reconsider this subscription requirement for verified customers of at least the boards or at least until the board is EOL.

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      Tim Hoogland says:

      Thank you for reaching out to us with your concerns regarding our firmware charges. We truly appreciate your feedback and understand your perspective. We apologize if our current approach has left you with mixed feelings.

      Developing firmware involves significant costs, and the increasing number of customers purchasing parts from various sellers has impacted our ability to sustain the development process. It’s important to note that even after the subscription period expires, you will still be able to continue using the firmware; however, you won’t have access to future updates.

      Please be aware that our EZBoards will always remain free of charge, and we will continue to provide updates for them as long as they are actively supported. The charges we are implementing only apply to other boards we offer and stock boards.

      We want to emphasize that developing firmware is a dedicated endeavor for our team. Time spent on firmware development diverts resources from other essential tasks and projects within our company. By introducing charges, we aim to allocate more time and resources toward keeping the firmware up to date and incorporating new features.

      If you happen to come across anyone who would be willing to contribute to the firmware development or purchase printers to support our efforts, we would be more than happy to reconsider making it 100% free again. We understand that your time and skills are valuable, just as ours are. In order to sustain our operations, we have expenses such as employee salaries, taxes, insurance, and other necessary costs.

      We also wanted to mention that we have observed most of the concerns about these changes coming from customers who haven’t made a purchase from us in over two years. We kindly ask for your understanding that the nominal $5 charge is meant to support the extensive time and effort we invest in refining and maintaining the firmware. However, if you prefer not to contribute, you can always choose to use Marlin directly, which remains an option that costs nothing and doesn’t require supporting us directly.

      We genuinely value your patronage and strive to offer the best customer experience possible. Your feedback helps us improve, and we thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here to assist you.

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