We wanted to post an update on the discussions about the X1 and P1 lighting kits with splitters so you can run the STOCK light and the aftermarket light.

TLDR; after examining further the stock LED circuits on the X1 and P1 we do not want to offer them as it would be pushing the LED circuit too far out of the manufacturers specification and the 0 ohm 0402(metric) resistor wattage is unknown. The MOSFETS can handle more but the resistor is the concern.

The kits as they are today do not strain the circuit but adding multiple LED setups to the same header could cause issues.

They both have a 0ohm resistor that could act as a fuse if over drawn and Bambu doesn’t say what the PN is on that 0402 (metric) 0 ohm resistor so we cannot tell what the wattage rating is. We do know that during operation with our LED kits the resistor and the MOSFET for each LED circuit stay within 3-5C of room temperature which means they are operating with no issue.

The stock LEDs draw around 0.22A and tacking that on with the 0.42A draw of our kits will likely cause issues with the 0 ohm resistor if its a low wattage resistor. We do see other vendors selling kits with splitters and knowing the limitations of these board designs and their power draw, we think it is not a great idea. Be careful when adding more and more LEDs to the stock header.

The ideal solution to running a lot more LEDs while still maintaining control via the printer interface on these machines would be to have an external MOSFET setup with a separate power supply to drive them. The cost and development will be higher as we’d need a custom PCB, power supply, and the LEDs themselves. This would also make installation more complicated than the current kits.

While we know some people will be disappointed to hear these, we do not want to sell products that could damage peoples printers if the current draw is too high. We’ve extensively tested our current kits for well over 5000 hours across multiple X1 and P1 printers to guarantee compatibility. If you would be interested in a higher end kit that would let you run more LEDs from an external supply + adapter PCB please comment below. If there is enough interest we may look into making a higher end kit that supports more lights.

Happy Printing,

Timothy Hoogland
Owner – TH3D Studio LLC

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