EZPlug Wifi Setup Guide

Intro When you get the EZPlug it will need to be connected to your wifi network before it can be used. Our plugs use Tasmota Open Source firmware to give you 100% local control over your plug. TH3D has no remote access to your EZPlug as we believe that the hardware you purchase is yours. […]

Setting a static IP on the EZPlug

Intro Your router on your network will assign a device that connects to it an IP address from its “DHCP Pool”. This means that the device IP address can change every time it connects to the network and/or if your router is rebooted. This can be problematic because the IP address is what is referenced […]

Locating your EZPlug on your network

1 – Locating the EZPlug on your network In the initial EZPlug Wifi Setup guide, we copied the plug name and had you note it somewhere. This is what we will use to find the plug on your network in some of the methods listed below. There are many ways to locate the plug on […]