P.I.D. Bed Calibration Guide

This article is for bed tuning. For hotend tuning see here: P.I.D. Hotend Calibration Guide What is P.I.D. Tuning? PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) is the system the printers use for holding a set temperature. This system controls how fast the printer reaches the set temperature and how well it holds that temperature once it gets there. […]

EZBoard – FAQ

Does the EZBoard Need Heatsinks on the Drivers? No. Because we properly design our boards unlike the Chinese. They do not need heatsinks and TMC specifically states that there are to be NO heatsinks on their drivers since they sink heat through the PCB. Our board is 4 layers with 2oz copper on EVERY layer. […]

Storing Bed Leveling Mesh & Updating Your Slicer

Intro This is only for use by advanced users that have their EZABL system installed correctly and understand fully how it works. This guide is put together for people who asked but we always recommend running a fresh mesh (G29) before starting a print like our installation guide states. Some people who have very stable […]

EZPi – Image Download (All Versions)

Reloading the EZPi Image In the event, you want to start over or you break the EZPi with a plugin or change and it will not boot again you can restore the factory image by removing the MicroSD card from the EZPi and “burning” it to the SD card again. The flashing tool is for […]