165x165mm – High Temp (140C) Magnetic Base – EZFlex Pro

Works great for long-term use at temperatures up to 140C! Genuine 3M Adhesive Backing Pre-Applied to Magnetic Sheet Pre-Cut to size (you can also cut a larger magnet to a smaller bed size).

NOT meant for printing directly on, only for use with the EZFlex Pro – Dual Sided Black Textured PEI Flex Plate or other spring steel plate on top of it.


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  • 1mm thick magnet for high strength
  • Genuine 3M 300LSE Adhesive Pre-Applied
  • Rated up to 140C Bed Temperature
  • This is for the MAGNET ONLY. You still need a plate and we carry them here: EZFlex Pro – Dual Sided Black Textured PEI Flex Plate
  • Magnets can be trimmed or cut easily with a knife or scissors so order a size larger than your bed if you do not see your exact size, then cut to fit


  • Do NOT print directly on the magnet. You must have a flex plate on top of it to use this on your printer.
  • Do NOT peel the adhesive off with the backing. Make sure you are ONLY peeling the backing paper with the 3M marking on it and not the adhesive as well.
    • If you accidentally peel the adhesive off put it back on the magnet and press firmly across the entire magnet. Then use the tip of a knife or something tiny to pull just the backing paper off.
  • Before installing make sure your printer bed is CLEAN and free of any debris
  • Install directly on your printer bed (aluminum or glass if it is permanently attached)
  • Be sure to select the correct size. TH3D is not responsible if you order the wrong size for your printer bed
  • Do NOT leave liquids on the magnet or place a plate on the magnet if it is not dry and clean
  • Corner style of magnet sheet may vary from picture

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 0.1 in
Made In

🇨🇳 China w/QC in 🇺🇸 USA

Warranty Length

6 Months


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