Tough Tube – High Temp, Tight Tolerance PTFE Tubing

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  • Recommend temp range 0-275C
  • Made from 100% Virgin PTFE, no re-grind, with high temp additives.
  • Print high temp materials with your stock hotend or replace your bowden tubing for smoother and more accurate filament guiding.
  • Made from high quality PTFE with additives for low friction and heat resistance
  • Internal Diameter of 1.9mm (± 0.05mm), Outer Diameter is 4.0mm.
  • Lower Friction than Standard PTFE Tubing
  • Lower retraction needed due to less play in the filament path
  • Each quantity is 1 meter of tubing
  • PTFE Cutter Sold Here: PTFE Cutter Tool

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